Maintenance Technician Bellevue, WA

Maintenance Technician

Full Time • Bellevue, WA
Maintenance Technician 

A Maintenance Support Technician is responsible for supporting all of the business’s maintenance activities.  Strong candidates will bring a full range of knowledge, including but not limited to; general handyman skills, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, dry walling, landscaping, and HVAC. The Maintenance personnel will perform tasks assigned by the maintenance coordinator and authorized by the company.  This position will be responsible for the timely and professional completion of tasks to the standards of Real Property Management Eclipse



  1. Application and knowledge of general maintenance work and repairs such as: drywall, paint, appliance installation, basic HVAC knowledge, carpentry, basic electrical, basic plumbing, etc,.
  2. Perform and provide exceptional quality work and services
  3. Perform work in a timely manner
  4. Aids in the scheduling work order, communicate, perform, inspections
  5. Maintain accurate maintenance records including special maintenance addendums, sprinkler lists, yard care lists, warranty lists, asset lists, etc.
  6. Maintain the established customer service standards for both owners and tenants
  7. Train and develop maintenance team members if applicable
  8. Ensure that business development targets are met
  9. Helps ensure the maintenance revenue targets are met
  10. Ensures approval for work before performing the work order
  11. Protect and promote the company culture and morale
  12. Promptly respond, pursue and resolve customer and vendor issues.
  13. Manage the operation of company maintenance vehicle and maintenance tools
  14. Assist answering service with after-hours emergency maintenance issues
  15. Properly document work order notes, activities, mileage and time
  16. Reports to Operations Manager
  17. Participates in Daily, or Weekly Meetings


  1. Must have excellent technical skills
  2. Highly organized
  3. Excellent presentation and negotiation skills
  4. Written and verbal communication skills
  5. Detail conscious
  6. Sense of urgency
  7. Excellent telephone manner and technique
  8. Highly detail oriented and organized in work
  9. Strong analytical thinking and troubleshooting skills
  10. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a customer service focus
  11. Ability to act and operate independently with minimal daily direction from manager to accomplish objectives
  12. Proficiency with email and Microsoft Office applications
  13. Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all levels of employees, management, and external agencies to maximize performance, creativity, problem solving, and results

The Maintenance Personnel are organized with strong time management skills and an understanding of prioritization. Naturally driven to provide excellent customer service and to instill trust, the Maintenance personnel are a natural communicator with good attention to detail, a sense of urgency, and a professional demeanor.




  1. Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in residential maintenance or suitable experience in housing repairs
  2. Own tools necessary for basic maintenance functions
  3. Ability to prepare, write and communicate effectively with clients, vendors, and staff
  4. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations
  5. Ability to schedule and estimate workers hours and requirements to complete tasks
  6. General maintenance and repair knowledge
  7. Local area knowledge
  8. After hours calls and site visits as necessary
  9. Intermediate skills in Microsoft Office
  10. Knowledge of the Internet and email
  11. Basic telephone switchboard knowledge
  12. Drivers License and Current Insurance


  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Performance Evaluations given after the first 90 days, and annually thereafter
  • Report from Direct Supervisor




  • $30/hr
  • Medical
  • 401 (k)
  • PTO
  • Paid Vacation
Compensation: $25.00 - $35.00 per hour


Property Management Business Solutions LLC is the franchisor of the Real Property Management ® franchised system. Each Real Property Management® franchised location is independently-owned and operated. Employment opportunities throughout the franchised network are listed as a service, so they can be conveniently found by interested parties at one central location for brand management purposes only. The employer for each position listed is the independent franchise owner who posted the position on this website.


I acknowledge that each independent Real Property Management® franchise office hires and determines the terms and conditions of employment for its own employees. Any employment benefits, compensation and employment practices vary by location. Neither Property Management Business Solutions LLC (“Franchisor”) nor its affiliates have the power to: (1) hire, fire or modify the employment condition of franchisee’s employees; (2) supervise and control franchisee’s employee work schedule or conditions of employment; (3) determine the rate and method of payment; or (4) accept, review or maintain franchisee employment records. Property Management Business Solutions LLC is NOT the employer and/or joint employer for: (i) any of the job opportunities listed on this website; (ii) any of the independent franchisees; and, (iii) any of the employees of the independent franchisees.

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